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Where Did the Name Back To The Beach Come From?

No, we don't spend our time at the beautiful San Diego beaches, we don't go surfing at lunch time. That would be nice, but we have awesome software to create! Here's the real story.

There was a software company that many of us worked for in the late 1980's named Silicon Beach Software. It was a relatively small company with a loose, informal culture. It was the most enjoyable company any of us worked for. It's nickname was "the Beach." Oh yeah, we created some really great products at the Beach.

Silicon Beach was bought by Aldus Corporation in the early 1990's. Aldus created the desktop publishing revolution with their breakthrough product, PageMaker. Aldus was then bought by Adobe Systems in the mid-1990's. Adobe, of course, created PhotoShop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc.

The name, Back to the Beach, reflects a desire to return to the earlier days with the informal culture, versus the corporate culture during the Aldus-Adobe days. We wanted to get back to the culture of "the Beach".

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About Us

About "The Beach"

Celebrating more than 16 years of Web Studio

Our Mission

To develop software for small businesses and consumers that provides sophisticated functionality and results while being fun and incredibly easy to use.

Who have we developed software titles for?

Adobe Systems
Aldus Corporation
Silicon Beach Software
NBC Universal
Houghton Mifflin
Knowledge Adventure
Roger Wagner Publishing
Beagle Brothers
...and many more.

Who is Back To The Beach Software?

We are the original designers and authors of Web Studio, previously known as Sierra Web Studio and Knowledge Adventure's Site Central. Our executive and development teams were formerly part of Adobe Systems, with positions as Director of Engineering, Products, Quality Assurance, and Principal Software Architects. The team left Adobe to create Web Studio.

Back To The Beach has been developing innovative, award winning productivity software for over twenty-five years. Starting in the beginning with the Apple][ computer, we have designed and developed numerous products including word processors, integrated software, contact management, business graphics, desktop publishing, and of course, web site design software.

Our business model has been to design a new product, develop and incorporate the latest in user interface ideas, and add very sophisticated programming that hides the complexity most products force you to master.

Once we were satisfied we'd met our goals of value, ease of use, fun and sophistication, we would license or sell the product to well known publishers.

We changed our model in 2002 when we re-acquired Web Studio from NBC-Universal, the Sierra parent company. We are now both developer and publisher of the Web Studio product line.
It seems like yesterday, but it really has been more than 16 years since Web Studio 1.0 was released!

So much has changed in the world in those 16 years, so much on the web, and so much with Web Studio.

Web Studio has gone through four different owners, four major versions, and nine minor versions, and has expanded to include some 500 additional features.

What hasn't changed is our dedication to the ease of use that has been the hallmark of Web Studio since 1998.

When we started we thought families would be the ones purchasing and using Web Studio. What we found was many businesses were using it for their websites. Today, nearly 90% of Web Studio users are small businesses, private and public organizations, and government agencies. Web Studio is sold in 54 different countries around the world.

Another major thing that has survived those 16 years is we still have the same developers creating Web Studio. They are devoted to hand-crafting code that makes difficult tasks simple and to continuing the tradition of creating "deceptively simple" software that they started in 1997.

Web Studio started life as the first fully drag and drop WYSIWYG web design program. It enabled anyone to create websites.

Many people using the "professional" web design products switched to Web Studio when they saw the productivity gains and elegant simplicity it offered them.

Many artistically inclined people quit their day jobs and started their own web design agencies and are still, today, using Web Studio to create and maintain their customer's sites.

We are proud of the part we've played in the lives of the people and businesses who use our products.

We love what we do! So, here's to another twelve years of success!

Steve Cochard
Back to the Beach Software, LLC
A message from Steve Cochard, creator of Web Studio